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Hi Tec Glass were engaged by Yuanda Australia to apply ClearShield Eco to 115,000.00 m2 of the facade and glass fins at the recently completed International Towers at Barangaroo in Sydney.

This involved the four-step preparation and application process using products from the Ritec ClearShield System, where our technicians co-ordinated with the facade panel crew prior to installation, and was designed to protect the glass surfaces from the critical damaging effects of alkaline etching, so commonly seen in glass left uncleaned during the lengthy construction periods of large projects such as these.

Typically, each tower had approximately two years-worth of construction run-off of concrete spills, cementitious rain water and airborne contaminents from surrounding sites, particularly on the lower floors where the build up of contamination is at it’s worst. The attached images show how Ritec renovation products working in conjunction with the ClearShield Eco has successfully removed the baked on alkaline contamination, restoring the glass to its’ original “as-new” condition

Phil Edney July 12, 2019