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foxtel   Beginning with commercial façades at the company’s inception, this is Hi-Tec Groups largest branch and as such we are able to assist in design, testing, manufacture or sourcing, and installation, with generous warrantees to provide maximum client satisfaction. [read more]


technical   With such extensive experience in commercial and residential high rise façades, Hi-Tec Group noticed an increasing demand for more technical and bespoke façades and façade components. [read more]


residential   Covering the full scope of high rise residential façade client requirements, Hi-Tec Group provides sliding windows and doors, double hung windows, hinged, bi-fold, and multi-stack doors, louvre windows, double glazed glass, as well as custom systems unique to the Hi-Tec Group to completely service our clients’ needs. [read more]


CLEARSHIELD   Hi-Tec ClearShield Low-M® Glass has gained wide recognition and acceptance in the processing of glass as the industry and end-users of glass have become increasingly aware of the need to protect glass so that it keeps its promise of clarity, visibility and cleanliness over time. [read more]